Location Crewe!

Location Crewe!

In a survey of last year's data, Crewe and Nantwich has been identified as the optimum place to live in England! That's according to the property index compiled by property consultancy group CACI.

Out of the top 50 places to live in the UK, Crewe and Nantwich finished 2nd behind Edinburgh, Scotland, meaning that .the area was selected as being the number 1 place in England to live!

"There are 12 areas from the North West and 11 from Scotland in the top 50 and these are the most affordable regions in the UK to live," says John Platt, principal consultant in CACI's property consultancy group.

"We define 'affordability' as the relationship between house price and household income. The average property in the UK costs 7.4 times the average household income. In some areas of Scotland and the North East, this can be as low as three times. To put that into context, the London average is 12 times and in the least affordable place to live in the UK, the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea, it is 40 times."

"It has resulted in some of the larger cities outside the south, such as Aberdeen, Leeds, Glasgow, Cardiff and York, climbing the ranking significantly," Platt tells us. "These cities are home to the demographic groups that are more likely to move house frequently: young, relatively affluent 'career climbers' and people 'starting out' who tend to socially rent with friends."

There was only one property in the top 10 locations in the UK to score a grade A for affordability. This location was Hamilton in Scotland. Affordability will mean that people who live outside of the South East and London are more likely to move. With its great motorway, airport and rail connections Crewe may well benefit from this trend.

"This goes to show that an attractive place to live is not always driven by price," says Platt. "If the offer in the area is right then people will still want to live in these desirable locations."

Crewe and Nantwich also finished in the top 5 of another index which added in factors such as educational attainment, employment prospects, and leisure facilities, as well as property affordability, being beaten only by places such as Harrogate, Chester, and Edinburgh

With the recent announcements of Crewe's high speed rail link to London, the situation can only get better.

So when it's all about location, you can do much worse than South Cheshire!


(See more information about the top 50 locations to live in the UK at the Property week. http://www.propertyweek.com/insight/analysis-features/hot-housing-index-2017/5091279.article)