How can virtual reality help you to sell your home?

How can virtual reality help you to sell your home?

Working together with The 360 View, we are pleased to share with you this new and exciting technology that we believe will revolutionise the way properties are marketed today.

Helen Whiteman, the Director at Martin & Co in Stamford shared with us her views about the new tours:

"We have begun working with The 360 View to create virtual tours which engage with their audience on an emotional and immersive level.

"When we first used the new 360° virtual tours we were overwhelmed by its ease of use and variety. From just being able to use it through Rightmove on your phone and desktop computer, to experiencing a fully interactive virtual reality tour that literally feels like you are at the property. I think it will instantly make a home seem much more emotionally engaging, which makes it a powerful way to showcase any home."

Virtual Reality is a new state-of-the-art technology that creates a believable, interactive 3D computer-generated world that you can explore so you feel you really are there, both mentally and physically.

The technology has real potential for the property market and Martin & Co intends to use it to it's best advantage.

David Champion who spearheads the marketing side of properties at Martin & Co said:

"We will begin using the virtual reality technology as a way for our clients to get a feel for the property before they arrange a viewing. Instead of A4 Brochures that only offer room measurements and photographs, virtual reality means we can transport clients to the property they are interested in allowing them to explore each room and decide if it is worth seeing in person."

Richard Pegler is the senior property consultant at Martin & Co and believes the 360 tours â€œnot only offer a far more immersive experience, but also mean less wasted viewings because clients can get a better idea as to whether the property is suitable for them.â€

Ollie Kilvert, Chief Photographer at The 360 View, said: “Unlike other virtual tour tools, we are using a camera which allows the users to zoom in and out of a property with effortless ease. This means that there is no reason to have a gallery of disjointed pictures, instead we can create an interactive tour of the home.â€

 As well as a full 360° walkthrough view of your new home, this technology also allows you to experience a doll's house view of the entire space which you can spin, rotate and flip . for maximum interactive and immersive exploration.

To celebrate the launch of the new service we are offering all new sales instructions before the end of March 2017, the opportunity to have a free virtual tour of their property included in our sales fee of 1% Plus VAT.  Terms and Conditions Apply.

If you would like to hear more about The 360 View and what it means for you please feel free to call us on 01780 756305