Timmy's Tool Box

Timmy's Tool Box
The Great Pumpkin: Not Ready to go full "Jack-o-Lantern" yet? Pick up a pumpkin and make it the centerpiece of a simple vignette before Halloween arrives, like Cupcakes and Crinoline.

Go for the Gourd: Pumpkins aren't the only options. Second Chance to Dream used some colorful
gourds to dress up her address sign.

Raid your Linen Closet: An old plaid blanket makes a colorful backdrop for a fall display. Rips, tears or holes only add to the look.

Burlap Equals Charm: A burlap and denim wreath like this one from Kenarry makes a colorful welcome for guests.

Think Beyond the Porch: Heathered Nest transformed some tin cans into a chandelier to brighten up her outdoor space in her backyard.

Longevity is Key: Here's a smart idea. Redhead Can Decorate created a stained pumpkin stand that's versatile enough to use through Thanksgiving.

The Best Things in Life are Free: Pinecones in a simple basket, like this display by Cupcakes and Crinoline bring an inexpensive rustic feel to outdoor decor.

Rock On: Brightly painted rocking chairs like on the porch like these two, styled by Debbiedoos, are the perfect place to sip cider on an autumn afternoon.

Industrial Planters: Metal garbage cans make great industrial looking planters. Use different sizes like Little Brags for visual appeal.

Show Off Nature's Bounty: A colorful wreath like this one by At Home with Jemma puts fall's treasures on display.

Make a Mini Scarecrow: Scarecrows say "fall" but if you don't have space for a traditional one, assemble a mini version, like this scarecrow from Giggles Galore.

From New to Vintage: Consider giving new wooden crates a vintage look, like this project from All Things Heart and Home.