11 easy ways to make your rental feel like home

11 easy ways to make your rental feel like home

We've teamed up with Jackson Woodturners to bring you lots of top tips to help you make your rental property more homely. The team are experts (they're in their 4th generation!) and specialise in bespoke woodturning and stair parts to help you make a statement in your home. 

When you are renting a property, whether it's for six years or six months, you want it to feel like home rather than just a place where you are temporary living. However, if you are only planning to be there for a relatively short period of time, chances are that you won't want to invest a great deal of money into the decor, and you certainly won't want to risk compromising your deposit by making any permanent changes.

It is possible to temporarily customise your rental home, without leaving any evidence behind when you move on, and what's more it can be done on a budget! The following hacks will show you how:

1. Organise your organisation

Turn your bookshelves into a design feature in themselves simply by organising what you have stored on them. Colour coding your books and belongings is incredibly simple and it can create a stunning effect, whilst hopefully making it easier to find what you are looking for. 

2. Less is more

An incredibly easy, yet effective way to bring a wall to life is with a simple strip of tape. Washi tape is a tenant's best friend, as it can be used to customise so many different things whilst still being easily removable. Although it is available in hundreds of different colours and designs, a simple black line, as per the above example, can make a great statement against a plain white wall.

4. Add a little sparkle

Statement lighting is an excellent way to brighten up your room, but rather than settle for the obligatory paper lamp shade which seems to come as standard in most rental properties, why not make a feature out of your ceiling lamp by creating your very own disco light? Simply pick up a plain, dark coloured lampshade from your local hardware shop and coat the inside with glitter for an instant twinkle. 

3. Mixed messages

A great way to display artwork, inspirational quotes, photos or indeed anything that you like, is on clipboards and with bulldog clips. Simply clip your 'artwork' onto the boards and mix and swap it as you wish. Attach the boards to the wall using command hooks which can be removed without trace and you have a ready-made art gallery. If you would rather not attach them to the wall, they can look equally effective propped up along a mantle piece or console table, experiment with different sized and coloured boards for a more eclectic look.

5. Maximise your space

If your rental room is small or dingy, maximize the light and create an illusion of space by propping a large mirror up against the wall, preferably opposite a window to reflect the light into the room.

6. Splash on the colour

Just because you can't paint the walls, doesn't mean you have to live in a shrine to magnolia. Pick up some old furniture from your local vintage shop and give it a lick of paint, not only will it give the furniture a new lease of life, it will have the added benefit of adding a splash of colour to your room. Continue the colour scheme with coordinating cushions, tablecloths and throws.

7. It's a stick up

Hanging traditional wallpaper in a rental property is clearly a no-no, and whilst there are some great temporary options on the market they aren't ideal for short lets, or a student budget!

8. Hide and seek

Whilst targeted lighting is good for highlighting features in your room, it is equally effective at distracting from other areas. Direct attention exactly where you want it with delicate fairy lights, which can be picked up cheaply in many high street stores and can then be simply unplugged and taken with you when you leave.

9. Step outside

Don't just limit your customisation to the interior of your rental property, give your garden area a bit of TLC, and create an extra living space whilst you are at it. Simply planting a few colourful blooms in DIY planters can make a huge difference to your outside space, and if you don't fancy taking on the whole garden, just pick a sunny corner to create your outdoor haven.

10. The big cover up

It is often much more convenient to rent a furnished property, however the downside is that the furniture is likely to be basic and functional. This is easily rectified by investing in some throws, blankets or even pieces of fabric to throw over the existing furniture to style it to your taste.

11. Make a splash in the bathroom

There is nothing like a coordinated theme to make a lackluster rental bathroom appear stylish and considered. Perform an instant makeover with a funky new shower curtain and bright, coordinating towels. You can often find cheap and cheerful bathroom pots and accessories in the high street stores and supermarkets to tie the look together.

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