5 Stylish Interior Design Updates - Summer 2016

5 Stylish Interior Design Updates - Summer 2016

We are so excited to be teaming up with Auburn Hill to bring you a quarterly series featuring the hottest interior design trends of the season. In this summer edition, the orangery, veranda and conservatory experts update you on the latest colours, materials and stylish designs which are already proving popular in homes across the country.  

When the summer months arrive, along with it comes the need for a fresher approach to home decor - a softer colour palette, floral accents, sunlight pouring in and maybe a BBQ on the go.

Whilst your home may not look as idyllic as Pinterest paints it to be, you can make it look like it's stepped from the pages of an interior magazine with a little hard work. If your home needs a summer spruce up, then these interior trends should provide you with plenty of inspiration to give your home a facelift.

Colour of the Year

It wouldn't be a roundup of interior trends without mentioning the new colours of year announced by Pantone; a delicate pink shade named Rose Quartz and a soft blue hue called Serenity. A nod to more simplistic times and a take on the gender gap blurring, the announcement of two blended shades was the first time the global colour authority has chosen more than one colour.

So, what do the new colours mean for interior design? Expect to see gradient colour designs and pale shades influencing everything from wall colour, glassware and soft furnishing. Lighter colours work wonders in brightening up small spaces to give the illusion the space is bigger than it is.

Metals Are In

If you haven't seen the copper inspired influences creeping into home decor trends then where have you been?! Adding a little bit of elegant glam to vases, candelabras and lighting, metallic are a firm favourite amongst interior gurus.

Copper works particularly well when paired with contrasting elements such as wood or marble for a mismatched approach. Make sure you choose good quality pieces to avoid ornaments going more rustic than chic.

Horticultural Influences

House plants have long been a favourite amongst many homeowners, but horticultural influences have also been found decorating our homes in wallpapers and bedding too. Hanging planters also prove particularly popular at updating the humble potted plant.

Adding a little bloom to your home, garden inspired elements can help to bring the outside in and brighten up the home with their colourful wares. Add a conservatory or garden room to your home as both are perfect at housing leafy plants.

Open Plan

Everything and everyone under one roof in one space, open plan living provides the perfect adaptable, social space everyone can enjoy. Which rooms you choose to incorporate is up to you. The most popular combination is a lounge, kitchen and diner space.

When choosing to open up your home be aware of the pitfalls. Keep colours neutral, and separate different areas with contrasting flooring or rugs. If you don't want to go too open plan, then add partitioning walls or bi-folding doors which can be opened and closed as required.

Laid Back Simplicity

Busier, more connected lives aren't doing our health any favours, so a move to a more simplistic way of life at home is to lead to a laidback approach in our interiors. Minimalistic approaches to the items we often hoard will see perfectly curated shelves and bookcases with only the most desired items on show.

Keep rooms clutter free with storage which has more than one function. Purchasing a footstall? Use it to store magazines and blankets, pop a stylish tray on top and use it as a coffee table, or of course rest your feet at the end of the day.

Take on a mini project for summer and keep your home on trend with these must have decor updates. 

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