7 money saving tips for your home

7 money saving tips for your home
We've teamed up with dehumidifier experts ByeMouldto help you save money with the day-to-day running of your home. 

We would all like to save money and put it towards something special, instead of spending it on electricity bills and other household expenses. 

Luckily implementing these money saving ideas is fairly straight forward. It might take a little while, but over time these savings will really add up! 

1. Appliances

Only purchase appliances like dehumidifiers and radiators that contain energy-saving features. There are two types of energy-saving features, those that run on a low wattage (just make sure that they are suitable for your room volume) and those that turn off automatically once the required humidity or temperature has been reached.

2. Take advantage of membership and customer reward schemes

Many retailers offer customer reward programmes and free or discounted products to their members. One example that we have all heard of is the Tesco Club Card. Ensure you keep your reward cards handy so that you can use them before they go out of date.

3. You've got to move it, move it

Phone the utility companies every 3-6 months and compare prices for the services which are most applicable to you. New market entrants often offer large discounted rates to attract customers so make sure to take advantage of these rates.

Make sure that you know how long contracts are valid for so that you can start shopping around once the contract is due to expire.

4. Let there be light (or not)

You'll be surprised just how many people leave lights on when they're not in certain rooms of the house. Leaving lights on costs electricity. If you aren't using a light, then turn it off.

When buying light bulbs compare energy ratings on the packet. Energy-efficient light bulbs cost a little more than ordinary light bulbs but they last so much longer. Also make sure the wattage is exactly what you need for optimum efficiency.

5. Buy second hand

There are many items that you can buy second hand for your home. This is where the internet is your best friend! Look on websites such as preloved.co.uk and receive extra points if you can hunt down white goods or kitchen appliances with a guarantee! 

6. Generic and own brands

When shopping for cleaning supplies or other household goods you don't have to buy the big name brands. Many generic items, or the retailer's own brand, do the job just as well as big name brands. 

7. Insurance

Insurance companies often send out letters with a renewal quote. Be sure to ring other insurance companies to find a cheaper quote and then contact your original insurer to see if they will negotiate on the price based on your findings.  

Phoning around will probably take an hour or so, but you will probably save far more money in that hour than your hourly salary!

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