Thinking of selling? How to add value to your home (on a budget)

Thinking of selling? How to add value to your home (on a budget)

The old saying 'speculate to accumulate' regularly holds true when it comes to property.

But if you are thinking of selling your home, you certainly won't want to break the bank in a bid to add some value to your property.

Here are 10 simple tips to help you add value to your home without spending too much...

Adding value to your home

All sellers want to achieve the best price possible when their home goes on the market. But many homes are in need of work in order to achieve the desired asking price.

Fortunately there are some cost-effective ways to give your home a lift, including:

  *  An exterior tidy-up

  *  Protection against damp

  *  Adding light

  *  Painting and decorating

  *  Carpet cleaning

  *  Adding insulation

  *  Increasing security

  *  Adding sockets

  *  Sprucing up your kitchen

  *  Getting planning permission

1. Tidy up your exterior

First-impressions are everything when it comes to selling your home - and not just when it comes to buyers.

Estate agents arriving for a valuation will be just as guided by your property's kerb appeal as potential buyers, so it pays to ensure your home is looking great from the pavement.

Depending on your budget, adding a lick of paint to your property's exterior, or blast washing the brick work can make a huge difference to those vital first impressions.

And don't forget the gardens. Cut back trees and bushes and mow the lawn after removing leaves and jet washing any paths or the driveway.

2. Damp protection

Even those on a budget will unfortunately need to splash out in the event of a damaged, leaky roof.

But even if your tiles are water tight there are more cost-efficient steps you can take to keep damp out of your home.

Have your guttering, drains and downpipes cleared out, particularly if you are selling in winter as the autumn fall will have almost certainly caused a blockage or two.

Not only will this help protect your property, lovely, sparkly clean guttering, facias and soffits will be extremest appealing to a buyer's keen eye.

3. Add light to your home

One of the best ways to make your home appear bigger, and thus add value, is by using lighting.

And it doesn't have to cost the earth.

Give your windows a really good clean - you'll be amazed how this increases natural light in key rooms like your living room.

Installing brighter bulbs can also help illuminate your home's best selling points and increasing the feeling of space.

4. Paint and decorate

The key to making a property appealing and adding a few pounds to its value is to allow buyers to visualise themselves living in your home.

That means removing the bright red paint from your walls and the garish patterned wallpaper. Yes, we know you love it, but potential buyers might not!

For a small spend, buy a few pots of neutral paint and spend some time getting a perfect finish.

Not only will it allow your buyers to view your home as their own, it may also mean they don't have to decorate which will certainly make your property stand out from the crowd and increase its value.

5. Clean those carpets

While most buyers expect a degree of wear and tear, dirty carpets will almost certainly cost your home when it's up against the competition.

If your carpets are worn through, unfortunately your budget could have to be blown replacing them. If a buyer walks in and realises this expense may fall on them, this will affect your home's value.

But in most cases a good clean will suffice. Bring in the experts here - while attempting a carpet clean yourself might save a few pennies, the expert equipment used by carpet cleaning companies will produce a far better return on your investment.

6. Insulate your loft

Buyers in 2019 are extremely environmentally conscious. And they always want to save money!

Laying insulation in your loft is a cost-efficient way of helping the environment by saving on your heating usage.

And the best news is, as well as being in-expensive, you can install it yourself!

Some homes can also get grants for cavity wall insulation, so this is worth checking out, too.

7. Add extra security

We mentioned that 2019 buyers are environmentally-friendly. Well, they are also security-conscious.

Adding cost-effective security measures like front door chains or a security light will make your buyers feel secure and will certainly influence their decision-making when it comes to making that highly sought-after offer.

8. Add USB sockets

One irritation for keen-eyed buyers is a property without enough electrical sockets. So, if your budget allows it, it can be worth adding some to key rooms in your home.

Again, undertaking work so a buyer doesn't have to can help get your a better offer quicker.

But remember: This is 2019, not 1990. Most buyers will have at least one smart phone or tablet in the family so make sure the sockets you install have USB points for quick charging of devices!

9. Spruce up your kitchen

If you're on a budget, a new kitchen is almost certainly out of the question.

And in a difficult market, where buyers hold the aces, there's a chance you wouldn't even recoup what you spend.

So, a few minor tweaks are what's needed.

Replace the kitchen sink for a gleaming new one and consider changing your taps if they are looking slightly dated or tired.

Decluttering or adding some new appliances can also give your kitchen a lift, alongside a fresh lick of paint and a deep clean.

10. Get planning permission

Don't worry, we're not about to tell you to splash your cash on an extension! But your buyers might want to...

And if you can hand them ready-made planning permission on a plate, the value of your home will shoot up.

Seek planning permission for a rear extension to house a new kitchen diner if you have space. The application will cost you £172 in England but could add thousands to the value of your home.

If you are thinking of selling your home, why not get an instant online valuation now to find out how much your proprty is worth.