Beat The Clock With Our 10 Top Tips For Tidying Before A Viewing

Beat The Clock With Our 10 Top Tips For Tidying Before A Viewing
We all want to be the picture of domesticity when we have visitors. Whether that's family or friends visiting, or that all-important viewing that could lead to a saleHere are our top ten tips to channel your inner Monica Geller and make your house presentable in no time at all!

1. Clean your bathroom!

This doesn't have to be a goliath effort, but like it or not, people will judge your bathroom! As a minimum, bleach your toilet, wipe basins dry, polish any steel taps, put out fresh dry towels and - if you have a shower screen ensure it's free of watermarks - guaranteed to be ten minutes well spent!

2. Now for the kitchen!

Like your bathroom, your kitchen is one of the most critiqued areas of your home. Friends and family will congregate in the kitchen, and as today's homeowners are more kitchen-centric than ever before, potential buyers will scrutinise silently. Wash and tidy away any dirty dishes. Ensure all work surfaces have been sprayed clean and wiped dry. Not only will this make the space appear larger, but also it will make a lasting good impression.

Top tip:
Spare five minutes before a viewing? Brew a fresh pot of coffee or put in a half-baked loaf in the oven - secret tips used by show homes, to make a home feel more inviting!

3. Brighten the place up!

Pull back those curtains and twizzle open those blinds. Your home will already feel far lighter, brighter, and generally more airy and positive!

Top tip: Open windows to freshen up for a bonus point.

4. Dust skirting boards.

Often overlooked, but this can make your home feel surprisingly more clean. Some vacuum cleaners have a soft bristle attachment that makes this even faster work!

5. Clean around door handles and light switches.

Dirty fingerprints will give the impression that a repaint is needed, potentially scuppering the chances of your viewers putting in a higher offer.

Top tip:
 Baby wipes make a great go-to product for a multitude of cleaning quick fixes.

6. Tidy children's toys away

This again makes the space appear larger, whilst eliminating the risk of people standing on a Lego brick - ouch!

7. Hoover

Pick up the tiny pieces of lint that could make your house look sloppy.

Top tip:
If you have a hoover bag, why not pop in a vacuum bag scent packet? Cheap and gets your house smelling divine whilst you hoover - we love multitasking!

8. Remove any laundry from view

You may have three school uniforms to dry, but the radiators or clothes horses are not the place for them right when you have a house viewing from a potential buyer!

9. Invest in coffee table books

This is 'clutter' that is most welcome. They give your visitors talking points, and ooze 'culture' to potential buyers. Chic hard backs preferred for the ultimate design edge.

10. Use a letter rack

Inundated with delivery menus, charity bags and other mail? Use a letter rack to nearly store them all until you're ready to sort: Far more visually appealing than being strewn across the doormat, or in a messy pile on the side table. How do you beat the clock and make sure your home is in tiptop shape before a viewing? What tricks have helped sell your home in the past?

Do you have any top tips for making your home picture perfect? If so, head over or social media channels and let us know - we'd love to hear them!