10 Christmas table setting ideas

10 Christmas table setting ideas

Christmas dinner is the staple of any great family Christmas, so you’ll want to make a big statement with your table setting.

Take a look at these 10 amazing ideas for setting your table this Christmas…


How to set a table for Christmas

Setting your table for Christmas is one of many tasks you’ll need to complete, so it’s best to do it the night before the big day.

Here are some other tips for setting the perfect Christmas dinner table:


  1. Focus on the centrepiece – every Christmas dinner table should have a focal point, so start with a table runner and then add a centrepiece with candles and foliage to make a real statement
  2. Lay your tableware – make sure every course has its own crockery and cutlery. Try stacking soup bowls on top of plates and laying your cutlery on top of a linen napkin
  3. Make glasses stand out – a Christmas tipple is all part of the experience, so make sure your glasses are sparkling. If you want to add a special touch, tie some festive ribbon to the bottom of wine glasses
  4. Go the extra mile – add festive name cards to each place for dinner


Modern Christmas table setting ideas



While traditional is the default setting for most Christmas dinner table settings, don’t be afraid to add a modern, contemporary twist.   

Think black crockery and highly contrasting colour schemes for some added drama at the Christmas table.   

Given most festive table settings are packed with large centrepieces and candles, you could also try a more minimalist approach to help yours stand out.


Simple Christmas table settings


Sometimes, simple is best and by toning down your Christmas table centrepiece, you can make a more understated impression.

Try laying candles and foliage in jam jars along a table runner or laying a simple garland from one side of the table to the other.   

Another way to add a simplistic touch to your Christmas table setting is to use a plain and traditional colour scheme.

Think white crockery and rose gold cutlery with only a simple foliage garland and some tall candles.   

If you are going to opt for a simpler approach to your table setting, though, add one or two special touches if you can, like bespoke place settings or decorative napkins.


Elegant Christmas table settings

There’s nothing more elegant than a pure white and gold table setting, offset with splashes of festive green.

Try adding some special touches like a gold bauble or two on plates, or place names in gold lettering.   

To add to the feeling of festive opulence, go big with a floral centrepiece, sticking to those elegant shades of white, cream and rose.    

Height, too, adds a touch of regal elegance to your Christmas dinner table, so opt for height with your candles and gold for candle holders.

Rustic Christmas table settings  

If you’re looking to go rustic with your Christmas table setting, it could be time for a forage.

Pick up some pinecones and furs and use the natural woods and fragrances of the forest to add a truly rustic touch to your festive table.


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