Decorating a rental property: How you can make it feel like home

Decorating a rental property: How you can make it feel like home

We should probably start with a disclaimer here.

If you’re renting a property, don’t decorate it without permission.

Right, now that’s out of the way, let’s look at how to make a rented house feel like home, especially when you’re not in a position to buy.

The best place to start is almost certainly asking your landlord if they would mind you decorating.

Many tenants feel like they can’t ask this question simply because they assume the answer will be ‘no’.

But many landlords will allow tenants to decorate, so long as they are clear on what they can and can’t do with colour schemes and style.

Indeed, landlords are often grateful for the offer, particularly if their rental property is in need of a spruce up.


Rental property decorating ideas

Even if your landlord politely declines your request to decorate their rental property, there are still plenty of things you can do to make it feel like home.

Often the best way to ensure a homely feel to a rental property is to rent it unfurnished.

Having all your own things in place can make a huge difference to how a property feels compared with having your landlord’s furniture and fixtures in place.


House plants

Bringing in a few house plants can really help personalise the space in a rental property.

It will also brighten it up, too – particularly if your rental property is a triumph of Magnolia paint and dull carpets.

Not only that, plants can purify the air and are said to help reduce stress.

A win, win in anyone’s book.


Shelving units

If you’re a book worm, living in a rental property can present problems when storing or displaying your library of novels.

But even if your landlord is not keen on you decorating, most will agree to you putting up shelves – as long as you make good any holes when you leave.

Having a few shelving units up also means you can personalise the space with your own things – helping your rental feel more like home.



Even if your rental property’s carpets or laminate flooring is new, you can’t personalise it directly.

The answer?

Some strategically placed rugs.

There are a multitude of rugs available to buy for reasonable prices (check out markets and online stores) so there’s a strong chance you’ll find the perfect one that resembles your personality.

Slide it under your coffee table and voila!


Get creative with furniture

Upcycling has been a trend for some time now and is showing no signs of waning in its popularity.

Even if you have some standard furniture already, try getting creative with bits and pieces you can find from building sites and scrap yards.

Off cuts of wood and pieces of old metal can soon become something really unique to you.



Even if your rental property comes complete with curtains or blinds, your landlord should be happy for you to change them as long as the original items go back at the end of your tenancy.

So, to really make your rental more homely, grab some curtains that are more your style and get them hanging, storing away your landlord’s neatly ready for the end of your stay.

Many blinds come with universal brackets, too, so you should be able to hang something more to your taste should you wish.


Temporary decoration

Such is the way life is in 2019, pretty much anything is available to buy if you know where to look.

And it’s no different with decoration.

Like Blue Peter and a piece of sticky-backed plastic (apologies to anyone under the age of 30), you can now buy sticky, removable wallpaper.

That means that drab Magnolia wall will soon come to life in your rental property.

But be sure to test the wallpaper on a small area of wall first, to ensure the paint doesn’t come off with it when it’s time to remove.