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Can you decorate rented houses?

In almost all cases, you won’t be able to decorate your rental property without your landlord’s permission.

This can mean it’s often tough to make your rental feel like home – particularly at certain times the year like Christmas, Easter, and Halloween.

While it’s important not to decorate your rental without permission, your landlord may be open to the idea, so it’s always worth asking.

Even if you can’t decorate, though, there are plenty of steps you can take to bring a taste of the seasons into your rented home without upsetting your landlord and we reveal them in this guide.

Can my landlord stop me decorating?

Unless your tenancy agreement clearly states you can decorate your rental property, you must have your landlord’s permission.

Your tenancy agreement is likely to stipulate that you can’t alter your rental property in any way without permission, including painting or fixing shelving to walls.

Can you put things on the wall in a rental?

Most landlords will be happy to let you put up pictures on walls in your rental property, so long as any holes or damage is made good before your tenancy ends.

But, if there’s nothing in your tenancy agreement that says this is permitted, you should always ask your landlord or letting agent before you do.

You can stick photos on your rental property wall without leaving marks or causing damage by using a hanging kit like Command Strips, which stick and peel off walls without leaving marks.

Seasonal décor ideas for your rented property

It can be difficult to make your rental property feel homely if your landlord isn’t open to you decorating it.

But there are some great ways you can bring the seasons alive in your rented home without the need for major decoration work:

1. How to decorate your living room for Christmas

Get your rental home in the festive spirit with these great, landlord-friendly decorating tips:

Stylish living room decorated with festive decor

Create festive texture

With the weather outside chilly and the nights closing in, a great way to add a festive feel to your rental property is through adding texture.

Consider adding:

  • Thick rugs in festive colours
  • Christmassy, chunky throws over beds and sofas
  • Festive-inspired cushions and soft furnishings

Aroma potpourri with different spices on white marble

Fill your home with festive scents

One of the best ways to bring out the Christmas spirit at your rental is through adding festive scents.

Dried orange and cinnamon, or baked gingerbread and mince pies can all add to the ambiance without the need for any decoration.

A simple bowl of potpourri can be enough to fill your living room with the smell of the season.

Christmas, Candle, Advent

Soft lighting and candles

Soft, warm lighting can create a cosy atmosphere in your rental property throughout the festive period.

Invest in lamps with soft light bulbs and place these in the corners of your bedroom and living room.

Candles are also a great way to create a cosy ambiance, while scented options are a bonus, but make sure there’s nothing in your tenancy agreement forbidding candle use and ask your landlord first if you’re unsure.

Front door to an English home painted red with a Christmas wreath, Xmas Garland

Hang a wreath on your front door

As well as the inside of your rental property, adding some festive touches to the outside can help get you in the Christmas spirit.

Try hanging a Christmas wreath on your front door, or perhaps some mistletoe.

You can do this with a special wreath door hanger rather than nailing or screwing your wreath to the door, which could cause damage.

Beautiful small Christmas tree on wooden table.

Try a table-top tree

If your rental property is tight on space, a table-top tree can be a great way to add a festive focal point.

A great Christmas tree always lies in the decoration, so add some natural elements to your table tree, such as dried fruit, pinecones and cinnamon sticks, alongside traditional baubles, and lights.

2. Halloween decorating ideas for rental properties

Halloween can be a great time to add some frightfully good decorations to your rental property, without breaking the terms of your tenancy agreement:

Halloween decorations on window

Add window stickers and cobwebs

Create a spooky look from outside by adding silhouetted window stickers which simply peel off once Halloween is over.

You could also add fake cobwebs along your window ledge, which will create a great look without causing any damage to your rental.

Halloween sisters sitting on porch trick or treating

Place a family of pumpkins outside

Pumpkin carving is a Halloween staple, so why not add a frightening family outside your rental property?

Carve up two large pumpkins and two smaller ones to create a family of four, add battery-powered tea lights and place outside your home to spook passers-by.

Remember, though, it’s important visitors can get in and out of your rental home safely, so make sure your pumpkin family is placed out of the way of any paths or walkways, so they don’t cause a hazard.

3. Decorating your rental property at Easter

Easter is fantastic time of year to decorate your rental property, and these top tips will help you do it without causing damage:

interior with colorful spring flowers. tulips, snowdrops and narcissus blooms

Fill your home with spring flowers

Nothing says Easter and springtime like daffodils.

So, order a bouquet, alongside some tulips and daisies, and brighten up the rooms of your rental.

Grey cat playing with small Easter eggs.

Make your own Easter tree

Trees don’t have to be just for Christmas – you can make an Easter version as a great centrepiece for your rental property.

Gather some long, twiggy branches and arrange them in a vase, then blow out some eggs and decorate them before hanging them from your newly assembled tree.

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