Demand rises for pet-friendly rental homes

Demand rises for pet-friendly rental homes

Are you amongst millions of other households across the UK who share their home with a friendly companion?

Did you know a third of UK households have become pet owners since the first pandemic back in March 2020?

Therefore, it is no surprise that we're now noticing an increase in pet ownership across the rental market, with the demand for pet-friendly rental properties increasing by 120% in the last year alone. *

As tenant demand has risen by 13%, it is important for landlords to cater for those with a furry friend. *


What other features are tenants looking for in their rental properties?


The pandemic-led trend, the ‘race for space’, fuelled many home hunters to search for more space both indoors and outdoors. This trend also translates to the rental market, with many tenants now prioritising outdoor space.

The demand for properties with a balcony has increased by 70% in the last year, whilst demand for properties with a garden increased to 39%. *

With a rising number of homeowners moving to suburban areas and commuter towns, parking and garages has become another popular feature in tenant searches, up by 48%, along with bills to be fully included up by 38%. *

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