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Features to look for in a new home

Whether you’re buying, selling or letting out a home, it’s helpful to know what features are highly desirable in today’s property market. While it’s important to remain flexible and open-minded, it can’t hurt to have a list of wants and needs to help narrow down the search for your potential dream home.

Hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring allows a lavish, sleek look without the upkeep. Smooth surfaces are much easier to clean and maintain than carpets, which is why parents and pet owners alike ramp up demand for hardwood flooring, making it the one of the most desirable home features with an estimated 87% of today’s buyers seeking it out.

Good security

This one is a given, but it’s always helpful to check local crime data, opt for homes with garages and check if the property has spaces to install security measures such as a camera doorbell. If the owner has already taken the time to install safety features such as security locks and doors, you can save money on taking your own measures, and a neighbourhood that appears safe and secure is certainly a box to be ticked if you’re looking for a great family home.

Shorter commute

Prioritise your location and consider the length of your commute and distance to nearby amenities. A home closer to all your daily outings will cut down on your living cost - which is something you will need to factor into your overall budget for the house. Consider proximity to park and woodland areas if you and your family can benefit from easy access, and gage how the surroundings will fit in with your lifestyle; Are there cycle paths? Is there ample parking space? Are there many neighbouring families or like-minded people in the community?

High EPC rating

To avoid costly renovations later down the line and higher energy bills, opting for a home with a high EPC rating is a popular move for buyers today. Weigh up the pros and cons if your desired home has a lower rating, do the bills fit into your budget? Are you planning on selling the home in the future when EPC standards will be higher? Will it cost much to raise the rating?

Modern kitchens

Up to date kitchens tend to be more energy efficient and compliant with modern technology. In today’s kitchen we see highly functional spaces, plenty of room for storage and sleek modern appliances. Save yourself the full kitchen refit and keep an eye out for a dining and cooking space that will adequately suit your needs as soon as you move in.

Outdoor patios

This summer, we’ve seen heatwaves reaching 40-degree heat and the garden became the most occupied spot in our homes across the UK. An outdoor patio is a must for many buyers, especially if they’ll need somewhere to place the garden furniture from their previous home. A well-maintained outdoor patio usually increases a home’s value, and for good reason. Since the pandemic left us accustomed to outdoor entertaining, most buyers will seek out a flat space in their new garden which they can decorate to their pleasing.

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