Have you bought Christmas presents for your tenants yet?

Have you bought Christmas presents for your tenants yet?

You've been shopping and shopping, and you've just about found something for everyone, but have you bought Christmas gifts for your tenants yet?

Many buy-to-let landlords are amazed that they generally get such a bad rap, and for good reason because the reality is that many are generous gift givers.

Research from Simple Landlords Insurance shows found that a quarter of landlords are buying their tenants Christmas presents this year and wine is the top of the shopping list.

The poll found that wine was the most popular gift choice from landlord to tenant this year, chosen by 44% of all those who plan to give a gift. This was followed by money off rent and chocolates, which will be the gift from 17% of those who give a present.

Other gifts include toys for their tenant's children, restaurant vouchers, toiletries and money for a tenant who had recently been made redundant.

Jenny Mayes from Simple Landlords Insurance said: "Gestures like these can help to keep the relationship between landlords and their tenants positive.

"Many landlords are not professional investors and 65% do not use letting agents to manage their properties. They rely on their tenants to keep their property in good condition, to pay rent on time, and trust that they will let them know when things go wrong.

"Saying thank you and giving a little something can help hold onto good tenants and maintain goodwill."

Now ask yourself, have you actually finished your Christmas shopping? The clock is ticking!

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