How To Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly

How To Make Your Bathroom Eco-Friendly
This article is a guest blog post by James Chapman, Director of Bella Bathrooms. James is a qualified plumber who has been installing bathrooms since 1998 and understands that no matter the size or budget, a dream bathroom is always possible.

We are all aware that we could be more eco-friendly on a day to day basis, from purchasing environmentally friendly products to making a considered effort to turn lights off if we aren't in the room. It's also important to ensure our homes are taking care of the environment too and the bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the home and one of the least planet conscious spaces. From small green steps to upgrading your bathroom suite we've put together some tips to ensure your bathroom is eco-friendly.

Eco Bathing

Long hot baths are the ultimate relaxing treat and perfect for a little me time, but being eco-friendly doesn't mean you need to cut out your bath time. Installing a water saving bath is a great solution to bathe more environmentally friendly. A narrow bath will reduce the surface area and mean you use less water to fill up your bath. Whether you choose an acrylic or steel bath both have environmentally friendly plus points. Acrylic will help to retain heat during your bath and eliminate the need for hot water top ups during your bath. Whilst steel is made without the use of fossil fuels, is 100% natural and is easily recyclable.For extra eco points sharing clean bath water will also help to cut down on wasted water consumption.

Restrict Water Flows

We all probably use more water than we need to on a daily basis so installing restricted water flow shower heads and taps can help to cut back and reduce your overall consumption. Eco taps are installed with click technology which allows water to flow at a low rate rather than full flow, perfect for brushing your teeth or washing hands.Some shower heads can even be installed with eco buttons which can be pressed to enable an environmentally friendly amount of water to be passed through. Multi flow shower heads will also help to reduce water consumption and if approved by Waterwise and BMA will up your green credentials even more.

Choose Sustainable Materials

Bamboo is one of the most sustainably friendly materials that can be used in your bathroom, so choosing this material will ensure your bathroom meets eco-friendly standards. Using bamboo as a wood alternative is often cheaper and will last longer than materials that are prone to rust. Whether you choose to add bamboo accents in your bathroom or install a bamboo finished bathroom suite, using sustainable materials will keep your bathroom planet-friendly.

Ecological Accessories

If you've gone to the hard work of installing an environmentally conscious bathroom suite then it's important to ensure your bathroom accessories are also eco-friendly. If you plan on painting your bathroom then look to using a chemical free paint and lessen the harm caused to the environment through the use of toxins. Choosing sustainably sourced towels made from bamboo, linen or cotton will keep you wrapped up in the lap of luxury whilst ensuring you meet the green bathroom standards. Go one further and ensure your bathroom products are also created sustainably with organic beauty products made with natural resources. Whether you choose to invest in an environmentally friendly renovation or take some small green steps our top green tips will hopefully make you more conscious of the environment and use your bathroom wisely.

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