How to sell your home this winter

How to sell your home this winter

It might be getting cold, but the property market is hotter than ever before, with increased levels of activity within both the sales and lettings markets.

Summer is often considered to be the best month to sell, whilst that is true, winter is a great time to sell, too. In summer, everyone rushes to the market meaning sometimes houses get buried in the influx of demand. If you list your home now, it will get more exposure and more attention from serious buyers.

Here are tips to put your property ahead of the competition:


Make your home as welcoming as possible

Winter can get cold and dark, so try and make your home as cosy as possible. Add lamps, LED candles or fairy lights outside for warm lighting. Alternatively, consider adding cushions, blankets, candles and festive lighting to create that ‘homely’ feel.


First impressions count

Your property’s exterior is the first thing potential buyers will notice, so ensure it is well-kept. As winter starts to approach and leaves begin to fall, consider raking, cutting overgrown grass and removing weeds.

Don’t neglect your doorway, make sure all lights are working and switched on during viewings to increase the property’s attractiveness.


Freshen up your property

Making walls neutral will make your home seem lighter and brighter. Also painting over any marks and wall scratches will make your home seem well-kept and well maintained.

Do any minor repairs that you might have been avoiding (we are all guilty of it...). Holes in walls, loose doorknobs and wobbly taps will all contribute to making the home seem sloppy and faulty. Get everything on point to avoid these concerns even being raised.


Considering selling this winter? Book a free valuation with our expert local agents to begin your journey.


*Property Reporter