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The 10 hottest interior design trends to look out for in 2020

The 10 hottest interior design trends to look out for in 2020

We’re closing in on the start of another new year.

That means resolutions aplenty and some of those are likely to involve buying or renting a new home.

On the back of that, it could also include jazzing up your home with some inspirational home décor trends in 2020.

It’s is already looking like a year of big change when it comes to style, whatever kind of property you live in.

Here are the trends we’re expecting to dominate next year…


Interior design trends 2020


The rise and rise of neutral colours

One aspect of interior design that is showing no signs of disappearing in 2020 is the use of neutral colours.

Neutrals have been ‘in’ for years now and 2020 is looking no different, although the warmer shades of grey and beige could make their way into home décor palettes.

‘But neutrals are so, well, boring…” we hear you cry.

Yes, it’s true neutral colours don’t always get the heart racing, but a white or off-white wall carries more power and clout than you’d think.

Why? Because it acts as a blank canvas for everything else around it – and that’s where the colour comes in.


Match black with white

Before we get on to the brighter end of the colour spectrum, though, we’re looking at the shades either side – black and white.

Black and white go together like cheese and biscuits and pairing them together is one trend that will again be hot in 2020.

Black sofas with white cushions, black and white marbled worktops and patterned variations should all be making their way into your home next year.


It’s all about the feminine tones

Subtlety will be key in 2020, so pair up those neutral wall tones with feminine shades of pink and taupe.

We’re talking bed linen, throws and other furnishings, so don’t be tempted to go too bold.


Bring in the florals

Floral patterns have been around since the dawn of time, but have often disappeared from trend as quickly as they arrive.

For 2020, they’re back.

Target floral wallpapers for living or dining room feature walls and look at fabrics for your bedroom.


Heavy metal

Dark metals like copper have been on trend for some time, especially in kitchen design.

For 2020, though, metal is going wild.

Copper will be joined by silver, gold and tin for splashbacks, baths and panelling.

Try to mix up dark and light metals for striking contrast.


Take it to the max

Minimalism has been a trend for some time – to the point where it was almost taken beyond literally and living rooms across the country were left bare with a single chair and a TV.

Well, now maximalism is taking over.

2020 will see some genuine grandeur brought into the interiors mix, with big and bold colours and busy art.


Earthy tones

Rich greens and clay colours are set to make a comeback in 2020 as designers edge towards more natural looks.

We’re certain homeowners will be all over this trend, too, as these shades do have a certain zen about them after a long day at the office.


Velvet is coming

Actually, velvet has been popular for some time – but it’s something of a marmite design trend, with little middle ground between those who love it and those who detest it.

Next year, though, it’s going to be everywhere so embrace it you must!

Luxury and comfort are set to be two buzz words of design in 2020 and velvet does both better than almost any other frabric.

For sofas, you can go bold with colour, too, so look at deep yellows and oranges, as well as dark blue and forest green.


The outside is coming in

House plants are nothing new, although they have disappeared from living rooms more and more in recent years.

Next year, though, we’re thinking more nature could start to appear in homes across the UK, with trails of succulents hanging from ceilings and interior wall planters.


Patterns will be everywhere

Multi-dimensional patterns are already hugely popular and they look set to grow even more as we head into 2020.

If you’re feeling really brave and want a showstopping wall, try a bold 3D or geometric print.

Blocks of colour in styles like this can really help show off your personality as well as that of your home. 


Sophisticated glamour

Art deco is making something of a comeback – and the good news is you don’t have to splash out on expensive marble to achieve the look.

Shapely furniture with smooth curves will be coming into living rooms everywhere in 2020 alongside tones like royal blue and ruby for even more opulence.


A touch of Japan

Japanese influences are as strong as ever and you should expect to see much more of this trend next year.

Similar to Scandinavian design in its functionality, Japanese interiors will ensure at least a touch of minimalism is retained throughout 2020.


Pantone colour of the year 2020

It’s fair to say Pantone, the colour specialists, gained a fair amount of publicity for its ‘Baywatch Red’ issued to celebrate 30 years of the cult American show.

When it comes to its Colour of the Year for 2020, Pantone has some great options and interiors fans will be eagerly awaiting its decision on the likes of Mosaic Blue, Halogen Blue, Fruit Dove, Poppy Red and Super Pink.