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Majority of house hunters say bad listing photos would affect their offer.

Despite supply and demand persisting in an ongoing tug of war in the UK property market, buyers remain unwilling to lower their standards or settle for less in the search for their dream homes. Bearing this in mind, property listing photos are evidently hugely influential when it comes to attracting buyer interest – so they need to capture your property just right.

In a survey carried out by Giraffe360, results showed that a huge 93% of the 1,300 homebuyers asked, agreed that the online photos of a property were an important factor when it came to grabbing their attention.

For 93% of buyers, property listing photos were reported to be significant when it came to forming their first impression of a property.

A majority of 94% stated that they would feel more inclined to view a property that was presented well online with good listing photos, an interactive tour, or both.

78% also agreed that they would be less inclined to view a property with bad photos, a lack of an interactive tour, or both.

It’s also important to note that 40% of buyers said they wasted time viewing unsuitable properties because the photos were misleading or low-quality, or there was no interactive tour. Good listing photos provide clarity to the buyer on whether the property suits their needs and lifestyle. Poor photos fail to represent the property.

Lastly, but most notably, 62% of homebuyers agreed that they would offer below the asking price for a home they liked because the online listing portrayed the property poorly. This coincides with the 81% survey score of home buyers stating that a poorly presented property listing would have a negative impact on their opinion of the real estate agent – the consensus being that a weak advertisement makes the company appear unprofessional, low-budget, and they are providing poor service to their customers.

It’s clear from these findings that poor digital representation can have a detrimental impact on buyer interest. Therefore, having an abundance of high-quality photos should remain at the forefront of priorities for sellers wanting to gain as much traction as possible.

How to make sure your property has great listing photos

  1. Choose the best day and time to shoot – good lighting and weather is key in making your property and its surrounding area look appealing.
  2. Make a clean sweep outside – For a good first impression, clear away anything that distracts from your kerb appeal.
  3. Tidy up that ‘lived-in’ look – The emptier the space looks, the better. Try to tidy away knick-knacks and personal items so your home appears brand new.
  4. Use natural lighting – There’s nothing worse than listing pictures that show a dark, dingy room with the curtains closed. Natural lighting will enhance the space and make your room appear more open and spacious.
  5. Avoid odd angles – Low angles or high angles can distort and misrepresent; you’ll want to make sure your property is shot straight on so buyers can see clearly.

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