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8 great money-saving tips for when you move home

8 great money-saving tips for when you move home

You've got to have deep pockets and a generous lender in order to move home these days.

Costs such as stamp duty, conveyancing fees and, if you're selling, estate agent commission all mount up.

And that's even before you factor in removals costs and any money you want to spend bringing your new home up to scratch.

With that decoration or renovation in mind, it's important to find ways to save money when moving.

Fortunately, Whitegates is on hand to help with these great tips to save money during a move...

1. Do your own packing when moving

Okay, we know packing everything up in your home before moving is one big job. And it can be tempting to bring in a removals company to add 'packing' to their invoice.

But if you can get over the sheer workload of doing this yourself, there is a healthy saving to be made.

Grab boxes from friends, or your local supermarket and make use of other storage you may have around the house already. Bins and laundry baskets are great for using as extra packing.

Clothes and shoes, meanwhile, will sit perfectly well in laundry bags or bin bags.

For protection, may people opt to buy huge amounts of bubble wrap. Try saving up some old newspapers or pick up the free weekly papers from town centres.

2. Move home yourself

Again, this is potentially a huge undertaking. But there is money to be saved from hiring a van and moving all your belongings DIY style.

Of course, this is almost certainly not achievable on your own, so roping in friends and family to help will be another challenge.

However, it's amazing what people will do for pizza and wine post-move, so ponder some incentives before you ask!

And don't forget to shop around for van hire to get the best deal...

If you really can't face completing the move yourself, make sure you do your research and find a good, competitively-priced removals firm.

3. Storage when moving home

Not all property purchases complete on the same day. So, if there's a gap between moving out of your previous home and into your new one, you might need somewhere to store your things.

If you are forced into using a storage facility, again shop around in advance for a good deal and try to limit the amount of time you need your belongings in storage.

4. Inform everyone of your new address

Postal redirection is a great service. But for those looking to save money on their move, it's something that is a luxury rather than a necessity.

Well in advance of your move day, make sure you have compiled a list of EVERYONE who needs to know your new address. That will include friends, family members and, most importantly, service providers like mobile phone companies.

And don't forget insurance providers, the DVLA, the voter's roll, employer, tax office if you are self-employed... the list goes on!

Put aside plenty of time to draw up your list then get calling and emailing...

If you can, have a good clear-out of things before you pack everything up - reducing the amount of stuff you have will reduce any storage bill.

Even better, try selling the things you no longer want via car boot sales or online auctions like eBay. You might even find yourself in profit!

Finally, if you can avoid having to use a storage facility, this will save you big money. Ask friends and family if they have any space in garages, lofts or basements where you can stash your belongings for a while.

5 Saving on insurance

Lenders will almost always offer you buildings insurance cover alongside your mortgage.

But this may not be the best value deal, so politely decline and shop around instead. Many insurers will do discounts if you take out buildings and contents cover, so look out for these.

6 Get those sleeves rolled up

Yes, we know. We're asking you, again, to do something yourself!

But if you want to save money, getting your hands dirty is the name of the game.

Cleaning your new home will almost certainly be high up on your 'to-do' list once you have moved in.

Regardless of how spotlessly clean the property is thanks to its previous owners, you'll want to go over things again to make sure.

At this stage, and given how tiring moving home can be, calling in a professional cleaner will be most people's choice.

But pulling on the marigolds yourself is a great way to save a few pounds.

You can even save money on cleaning products by opting for discount shops rather than your chosen supermarket.

7. Switch energy providers

Regardless of your previous energy supplier and the one engaged by your home's previous owner, compare tariffs between the main suppliers once you have moved in.

There is big money to be saved from switching. Also, remember to take meter readings as soon as you move in so you can ensure you're not being charged for the previous owner's usage.

8. Accept a few hand-me-downs

Kitting out your new property will cost money, there's no getting away from that.

And of course you will want to make your house a home as quickly as possible.

But if family members or friends offer you anything, whether that is furniture or smaller items, accept gratefully and add the money you save to your kitty for purchases later on.

If you're really keen to save, pick up a few free items from websites like Freecycle or on Facebook.

If you're thinking of moving home soon, take a look at the available properties Whitegates have to offer.