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More Houses Coming To The Market

It’s already been a busy 2022 for people looking to buy homes. There haven’t been enough homes for sale to keep up with the number of people wishing to move, and this in turn has pushed house prices to an all-time high.

If you’re thinking about moving, the good news is that we’re beginning to see some more properties coming onto the market.

When comparing the past two weeks with the same period in 2021, there has been a projected rise of 14% more properties listed for sale. In addition, we’ve seen the highest number of valuation requests since May 2021.

A property valuation is when prospective buyers contact estate agents to request a visit to their home to provide a market appraisal of its value.This is usually the first step sellers take when thinking about putting their home on the market, and could mean we’re about to see more homes for sale.

If you would like an online valuation then please visit our branch website.www.whitegates.co.uk/instant-valuation

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