Quick fixes to make your home sell faster

Quick fixes to make your home sell faster
Everything moves quickly in 2018: You can order a taxi or a takeaway meal with the touch of a smart phone screen and super fast broadband speeds have enabled businesses to trade across the globe in a matter of seconds.

But homeowners are still hung up on the age old question: "How can I sell my house quickly?"

In the current stagnant market, where a month of modest growth tends to follow periods of equal decline and transaction levels have fallen by 4% in the past three months (Source: Nationwide), getting that sale over the line could become something of a challenge.

While housing activity remains steady, according to the Halifax, new buyer enquiries fell again nationally in May, although the pace of that decline has slowed since the turn of the year.

In the Whitegates heartlands of the North West, North East and West Midlands, however, estate agent stock levels have fallen by 2.2%-6.3% compared with May 2017 creating a market that sellers in these areas could take advantage of.

But what other steps can you take to sell a house quickly? Follow this advice to get your home on the starting blocks for a quick sale.


Many buyers make a decision on a property when they pull up in the car outside - that's how important first impressions are!

But it's not just creating that wow factor when they walk in. Make sure they feel the same when they leave by providing a lasting impression as they walk back to their vehicle.

Your drive and front garden will be the first thing buyers see when they arrive, so make sure everything is looking pristine.

In this hot weather, brown lawns and drooping flowers are hard to avoid but get the hose out while you can and ensure your garden is looking as plush as it can in the heatwave.

Gravel drives should be raked and weeded, while asphalt or brick paths should be jet washed to bring them back to life. Most buyers turn around for one final look as they reach the car following a viewing - make sure your property's kerb appeal leaves them with a smile rather than a grimace!


...is just that: Other people's.

But that doesn't mean it won't negatively influence your potential buyer when they turn up to view your property.

If next door's bins have been left out away from collection day, politely ask if they can move them as you have a viewing.

If passers-by have dropped litter outside your property or the ones either side, pick it up and sweep the pavement outside your home.

Cash-strapped councils tend not to clean the streets or mow the verges as much as they used to, so if a grassy area close to your house is overgrown, get the trimmer out and give it a cut.

Yes, none of this mess is your doing, but with 30 minutes of effort it could make a big difference to how quickly you sell you home.


With the hot summer looking set to stay, those coats hanging in the hallway aren't really needed, are they?

Either have a 'coat cull' or pack them away in storage boxes in the loft, ensuring your hallway is decluttered and appearing spacious. After all, it's the first part of your home viewers will see when they walk in, so make it look appealing and spacious by adding mirrors and ensuring all the 'bits and pieces' and family photos are out of sight.


Like a car with that 'straight out of the showroom shine', it's almost impossible to ever get your home looking like new again once it's been lived in.

But this is where it could be worth spending a few pounds on a professional cleaner.

For a far from astronomical cost, your property's presentation could go up a notch or two with a deep clean, making a huge difference to how quickly you can sell it.

Most importantly at this time of year, when the sun is out for much of the day, make sure your windows are clean. There's nothing worse than dirt, grime and finger marks showing up on windows when the sun is beating in.


If you have chic French or bi-fold doors leading out on to the garden, get them open for when buyers arrive. Fresh air and a feeling of space really does make a huge impression.

If you don't, you can still brighten up your living space with some nicely-positioned, freshly chosen flowers.


Ever walked into a block of flats and inhaled everyone else's cooking? It's not always a nice experience and if you knock up a big chilli-con-carne or chicken madras the night before a viewing, your potential buyers will be left with the same nauseating experience.

Food smells linger longer than you think and no amount of open windows or extractor fans will rid your home of the stink in time, so be sensible with dinner and leave the breakfast fry-up for 24 hours!

To get your property sold quickly, speak to your local Whitegates branch today who will be happy to help get you moving.