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What is considered a ‘special feature’ in the home?

Lots of things play a part in your home’s value - from local market trends and location to nearby amenities. When you come to have your home valued, your estate agent may factor in any ‘special features’ your property or the surrounding area has, which could affect your asking price.

But what exactly is a special feature and how can it affect the value of your home? Coming up, we’ll reveal some of the more common special features properties benefit from.

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What are special features?

Special features, in the context of property valuation, refer to unique and distinctive aspects of a home that make it stand out from the crowd. These features can be both practical and aesthetic and often contribute to a property's overall desirability.

Special features can have a substantial impact on the value of your home, often allowing you to command a higher price than comparable properties in your area.

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Garden size

A well-maintained garden, a spacious balcony, or a private patio can enhance a property's appeal by providing additional living and leisure space. Particularly if the home is located in the city where green spaces are sparse, a large and private outdoor area is undoubtedly an attractive feature.

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Period features

Properties with original period features like exposed beams, ornate fireplaces, or sash windows are often highly sought after for their historical charm and character.

Modern amenities

Updated kitchens, state-of-the-art appliances, and energy-efficient installations can also boost a home's value by offering modern conveniences.

Smart home features, such as integrated security systems, smart thermostats, and automated lighting, can make your property more attractive to tech-savvy buyers.

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The overall condition of your property will have a major influence on its value. If the home is clean, tidy, and well-maintained, its value is likely to be higher than a similar home that requires significant work.


Stunning views, whether of a nearby park, body of water, or the city skyline, can be a huge selling point, offering a sense of tranquillity and luxury.

Home offices and playrooms

As remote work continues to spike in the UK, a designated space for a home office is likely to stay popular among buyers.

Beyond just home offices, having a spare and decently sized room will appeal to a number of different buyer groups, particularly families who need a separate playroom or den.

Kerb appeal

If your home boasts strong kerb appeal, it’ll likely generate plenty of attention from buyers. Things like well-maintained landscaping, an inviting front entrance and a fresh lick of paint place your home in a great position in the market. As such, estate agents will take this into account when valuing your home.

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