Guide to broadband and moving home

Guide to broadband and moving home

Moving home is stressful enough without having to contend being without internet. Fortunately, with a little planning and this guide from Broadband Genie, you could move home and have your broadband installed at the same time. How good is that!

Like the rest of your house move, having broadband installed takes a little planning. Here are some tips for staying connected when moving home.

Notification periods for broadband contracts

Once you know when you're going to be moving, you need to notify your existing provider. Regardless of whether you're taking the provider with you or not, they will need as much notice as possible of your move. This is especially true if you're moving with your current contract as installation needs to be booked well in advance.

Some providers can work with as little as 14 days' notice but others require longer so plan for at least 30 days. Check your contract or with your provider to see how much yours needs.

Checking broadband coverage at your new property

Before you tell your existing provider you're leaving them for a cheaper broadband deal, it might be worth checking what is available at your new address. Use a postcode check to see what's available for your area, and at what price. You can use this information to either secure a new deal or see if you can get a discount from your existing provider. Different sides of the street can offer completely different broadband connections so it pays to check!

Move your existing broadband or switch providers

Depending on what is available at your new place, you now need to decide whether to move with your current broadband contract or switch providers. If there are cheaper or faster options at your new address and you're not still under the fixed part of your existing contract, it makes sense to switch.

If you cannot find a faster or cheaper option or you're still under fixed contract, it may be better to move your existing connection and wait until the contract is up before switching.

The cost of cancelling a broadband contract early

If you're moving involuntarily or your circumstances have forced the move, there may be a cost involved in cancelling your broadband contract early. If you are within the contracted term, i.e. if you signed a two-year deal and are only halfway through, you may have to pay the rest of the contract if you leave early.

Depending on your circumstances and the reasons for the move and contract cancellation, some providers may waive these charges. It is entirely up to them though so it makes sense to discuss it with them before you do it.

Switching between Virgin Media and Openreach networks

The same is true even if your existing broadband provider doesn't have a presence at your new postcode. For example, if you're a Virgin Media cable customer and move to a non-cabled area, you don't automatically get out of the contract. You will have to discuss it with the provider and negotiate.

Depending on how far into your contract you are, you may be able to negotiate early release if you're moving to a non-cabled area. The opposite doesn't always work if you're moving from Openreach provided connections whether direct or through a reseller. It will all come down to negotiation.

With a little bit of planning and research, moving home and arranging broadband isn't that difficult. Knowing what is available at your new address and who you want to sign up with is key. Once you know that, you can book the installation for the same day or the day after moving in to keep you connected!