Have your priorities changed?

Have your priorities changed?

The average value of a UK property is higher than ever before, standing at around £267,500.

Experts were predicting a dip in property market activity following the Stamp Duty Holiday deadline. However, interest remains buoyant with the industry recording its strongest month since 2007.

Before the Stamp Duty Holiday was introduced, the average value for a UK property was £239,317.

The holiday reignited the market, boosting house prices by an average of 8% across all UK regions.

Nevertheless, the Stamp Duty Holiday was not the most significant influence on the latest property market boom. Many experts reported that the strongest impact was the pandemic, which altered what homeowners were looking for in their home.

Recent buying patterns indicate buyers are searching for more living space, with key property features being additional bedrooms, office space, outside areas and home gyms.

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