10 interior design trends to watch for 2021

10 interior design trends to watch for 2021

We’re now well into 2021 and it’s likely you’re starting to take action on some property-based resolutions.

That could involve buying or renting a new home.

But it could mean you’re looking to jazz up your existing property with some inspirational home décor trends in 2021.

It’s is already looking like a year of big change when it comes to style, whatever kind of property you live in.

What is trending in home décor for 2021?

It’s looking like 2021 may be the year when several long-standing trends slide out of fashion, to be replaced by bolder, more distinctive looks.

Here are the five biggest trends you’re likely to see in homes this year:

• ‘Japandi’ – a combination of Japanese minimalist style with Scandinavian tones

• Green – Green is very much ‘in’ for 2021. Think bold, deep greens for walls and lighter, softer shades for furnishings

• Natural materials – timber, wool, rattan and linen are to 2021 what silk and sheen was to 2020

• Textured walls – this was a big trend in 2020 and is going nowhere this year

• Home offices – the demand for inspiring and comfortable home working spaces has increased due to coronavirus

Is farmhouse going out of style in 2021?

A modern twist on the farmhouse aesthetic has been everywhere for some time now – but 2021 could be its last hurrah.

As with any style, once it’s been overdone to the point of saturation, homeowners start to look elsewhere for design inspiration.

What is the most popular wall colour for 2021?

Green is going to be everywhere this year – particularly on walls.

The great thing about green is its longevity and its association with calmness and nature.

But it can also be a bold statement through deep olives and traditional ‘racing green’.

For 2021, green is definitely going to be the new grey.

Interior design trends for 2021

1. The rise and rise of neutral colours

One aspect of interior design that is showing no signs of disappearing in 2021 is the use of neutral colours.

Neutrals have been ‘in’ for years now and 2021 is looking no different, although the warmer shades of grey and beige could make their way into home décor palettes.

‘But neutrals are so, well, boring…” we hear you cry.

Yes, it’s true neutral colours don’t always get the heart racing, but a white or off-white wall carries more power and clout than you’d think.

Why? Because it acts as a blank canvas for everything else around it – and that’s where the colour comes in.

2. Bold ceramic tiling

Clean, crisp subway tiles have had their day and 2021 is all about colourful, ceramic tiling in your kitchens and bathrooms.

Hand-crafted tiles, that have a touch of the ‘imperfect’ about them, will be huge as kitchen backsplashes, while traditional tiled floors as that initial entry point will also be back with a bang.

3. Green in the kitchen

Grey kitchens are being eased out this year in favour of bolder green tones – and yes, we’re talking about cabinets.

Bold kitchen cabinets add a real sense of drama to that particular space and paired with deep-veined countertops, can make a real statement.

4. Bring in the florals

Floral patterns have been around since the dawn of time but have often disappeared from trend as quickly as they arrived.

They came back in 2020 and aren’t going anywhere in 2021.

Target floral wallpapers for living or dining room feature walls and look at fabrics for your bedroom.

5. Heavy metal

Dark metals like copper have been on trend for some time, especially in kitchen design.

For 2021, though, metal is going wild with wood.

Copper will be joined by silver, gold and tin for splashbacks, baths and panelling.

But it’s the industrial look that will really catch hold in 2021, with exposed stone, rustic woods and dark metals all playing their part.

6. Wicker and rattan

Natural furniture is making a comeback in 2021, with woven and rattan items leading the charge.

Wicker and rattan add a real warmth and the lightweight feel means such items can work indoors or out.

7. Earthy tones

Rich greens and clay colours are set to make a comeback in 2021 as designers veer towards more natural looks.

We’re convinced homeowners will be all over this trend, too, as these shades do have a certain zen about them after a long day at the office.

8. Snugs and a home office focus

With the coronavirus pandemic still ongoing and everyone spending more time at home, how we use our space has come under the spotlight.

Snugs and home offices will continue to be at the forefront of interiors in 2021, as homeowners look to utilise the space they have in the better, more functional way.

9. The outside is coming in

House plants are nothing new, although they have disappeared from living rooms more and more in recent years.

This year, though, we’re thinking more nature could start to appear in homes across the UK, with trails of succulents hanging from ceilings and interior wall planters.

10. A touch of Japan and Scandinavia

Japanese influences are as strong as ever and you should expect to see much more of this trend this year.

Similar to Scandinavian design in its functionality, Japanese interiors are being paired with their European counterparts, though, and this will ensure the desire for minimalism is retained throughout 2021.

Pantone colour of the year 2021

Pantone’s eagerly awaited colour of the year certainly sets the tone for the kinds of colours we can expect to see across interiors for the next 12 months.

This year, though, Pantone chose not one but two colours of the year – Ultimate Gray and Illuminating, a bright yellow.

The choice of this particular yellow fits with the natural trends appearing in 2021 and while greys are being traded for deep greens in rooms like kitchens, grey still very much has its place in the hearts of many homeowners.

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