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Don’t forget to book a free appointment with your local Whitegates expert. They’ll be able to give you the latest advice from the government on selling and letting property during the Covid-19 outbreak, as well as provide you with details on current local market conditions.

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Whitegates has thousands of available properties to let and for sale throughout England, so we’re sure we can find the right property for you at the right price.

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We are passionate and proud to have helped thousands of local people move for over 30 years... so let's get you moving!

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So if you're looking to sell, buy or rent Whitegates West Derby are driven to do the right thing for all our customers.

Feel free to pop in for a Cuppa with your friendly local estate agent & we are more than happy to discuss your needs: whether that's a house valuation, property management or properties to rent, we have the expertise.

A good place to start it to request a free online valuation of the house you're looking to sell or takes less than 60 secs, and you'll get a shiny report (worth £19.95 delivered to your inbox in a jiffy).

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Get your FREE Hometrack Valuation Report worth £19.95 now

These reports are relied upon by most mortgage lenders and normally cost £19.95


We work with our partners at the UK’s most popular property platforms to help sell or let your property quickly.

Other areas we cover

Liverpool City Centre

“The not so new kid on the block!”

Whitegates has operated in Liverpool since the mid 80’s and has 6 branches across the city region.

The launch of our Liverpool City Centre, Property Sales and Lettings branch has long been overdue.

Gail Roberts and her team have over 35 years’ experience in the Sales and Lettings business dating back to 1985 and is bringing this to the city centre.

Our local business is built on integrity and customer service. We want to ensure that customers recommend us to their friends. This combined with a nationwide network of branches, ensures the properties we sell or let are given extensive marketing exposure. This helps to ensure the most competitive prices for our customers.