Voi Liverpool City Centre Scooters

Voi Liverpool City Centre Scooters

The development of how we move around is quietly changing. Our love affair with the internal combustion engine is possible on the wane.


One of the obstacles to people living in city centres has been their desire to find a new home for their car, as well as their family, when they are looking for a new property. The pandemic and moves away from car ownership, with fewer and fewer young people learning to drive has created an opportunity for the Swedish Micro Mobility company Voi to take the city by storm.


People’s desire to reduce their carbon footprint, young people particularly males, shunning learning to drive due to several reasons. These include the cost of insurance and the simple cost of ownership for something that is on average only used for 10% of its life. These reasons alone often put it out of the reach of many and is making alternative transport methods more attractive. For too long the car has been the preferred mode of transport.


Cycling has increased substantially in popularity over the last 10 years, but it isn’t for everyone. Most people cannot fail to have noticed the explosion of Voi e scooters in the Liverpool city centre. legislation around ownership and usage is a little vague but what does seem to be catching on is the, use and leave concept, enabled by Voi with their network of city e scooters.


These provide the young at heart with the ideal means of getting around. This really enables the ownership or rental of apartments in the centre or slightly out of town to more and people. They no longer need to own or park a car saving themselves considerable money and stress. They can pick up a scooter near their apartment and zip into town and simply leave the scooter in a convenient spot near to their destination. Whether that is workplace, favourite bar, restaurant, theatre, or friends the freedom they provide is sure to further encourage city centre living.


One our very own team is a convert. One weekend Caitlin tried one out and realised that they were simply to use and has now reduced her journey time in half. On a warm sunny day there is nothing better, the journey home can take in a detour to meet friends after work at her favourite bar. What happens when it rains? Well, the bus or a taxi are there instead and she simply uses a scooter on the way home. The carbon neutral transport of the future is here and opening the city to many more people. Whitegates Liverpool City Centre have plenty of properties available so if you are interested please contact us at [email protected] and we can help you.