Demand for student accommodation exceeding availability

Demand for student accommodation exceeding availability

Student rents look set to increase amid a housing shortage across many of the UK's main university cities, according to a new study.

Student rentals platform,, has examined the demand for property around the top universities in the UK, and found that many students starting their studies are struggling to secure living accommodation before doing so.

Despite being four months into the current academic year, a number of universities are still ranking extremely high where demand for student property is concerned. 

The University of Exeter tops the list with a demand of 62%, by far the highest statistic for property demand surrounding a UK university. The next closest competitor is a three-way tie between the University of Reading, the University of Bath, and Bath Spa University holding a demand of 53%.

Separate research by recently uncovered that student rents had risen by as much as 10% this year, as a consequence of a critical shortage in student housing across the country.

Demand for student rooms in some cities is so high that rent competitive pricing will leave students £600 poorer each year, the study suggested.

The University for the Creative Arts in Farnham is perhaps one of the most extreme cases. Ranked in fourth place in list with demand at 50%, some of the current first year students were forced to camp in the university grounds because they were unable to secure a place to live.

The University of Roehampton and Durham University have a 49% demand for student housing, and are closely followed by the University of Essex with 43% demand and Lancaster University at 42%.

"We feel that it is simply unacceptable that students, as they have in Farnham, are forced to camp within the university campus due to a severe shortage of housing," said Danielle Cullen, managing director of StudentTenant.

She added: "Housing for students should be a priority. These pupils have worked hard to prepare for their education and to arrive without a place to sleep is worrisome. With many universities still seeing high levels of demand for student property this far into the term, it doesn't bode well for those looking to arrive next year."



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