Tenants have some advice for landlords

Tenants have some advice for landlords

Upad has completed its annual survey of tenants and their opinions on renting and landlords.

The consensus was an expected one: renting is too expensive and time-consuming, and landlords have the power to make it a lot easier.

72pc of tenants wanted to hear from their landlords at least four times a year, even if for a brief check-up on the property and the tenants themselves. 33pc said they wanted landlords to contact them every month.

Lengths of tenancy varied spectacularly. 32pc of tenants wanted the flexibility of a six-month tenancy, with frequent renewals. However, 12pc said that they ideally wanted to settle into their property – a contract of three or more years was their choice.

In 2015, 47pc of tenants think that admin fees are the worst thing about renting. This is a significant increase – the figure was 27pc in 2014.

Tenants also valued honesty and integrity from their landlords, especially when ‘selling’ a property to them. Tenants were concerned that landlords exaggerated room sizes and underplayed problems the property had; needless to say, this was a major turn-off for prospective tenants.

Tenants also wanted two key changes to their deals – firstly, and obviously, they wanted their landlord to lower rents whenever possible. Secondly, tenants wanted the right to decorate their properties to their own tastes, especially when staying in their property for longer than a year.

If you would like to know more about how to establish positive and long-term relationships with your tenants, please contact your local Whitegates officetoday to discuss your issues with our team.

*The Upad survey came from a sample of 700 tenants.

*Source: Upad