Tenants reveal their rule-breaking secrets

Tenants reveal their rule-breaking secrets
One in seven tenants broke the terms and conditions set out in their tenancy agreements, according to new research by Direct Line Landlord Insurance.

The research found 15pc of tenants admitted to disobeying their contract, 11pc said they were unsure if they had met all its clauses, and 9pc claimed they didn't even have a contract.

Of those tenants who broken the terms of their agreement, 25pc said they had failed to pay rent on time, or failed to pay it altogether, 21pc admitted to smoking in the property and 18pc said they had kept a pet in the property.

17pc said that they had damaged or otherwise altered the property, 16pc had changed the locks and 14pc had disturbed their neighbours. 14pc had also sublet a room without notifying the landlord.

The most common punishments for these discrepancies were losing some/all of their deposit (in 52pc of cases) and paying for damaged (22pc). Only 4pc were actually evicted, and 21pc claimed that they simply hadn't been caught.

The findings raise important questions - how much do landlords know about their tenants' activities and the security of their property? How many tenants are up-front with a landlord about things such as pets, smoking habits or other lifestyle choices they may have?

As always, the modern landlord is busy either with a professional job or managing their entire portfolio, so it may be worth asking your letting agent if they can manage your property (and tenants) on your behalf.

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